SCL Staff Team

Meet the cool people that are serving in our church community on the staff team.


Summer 2023 Interns

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Lee Gordon

Lee loves meeting new people, giving high-fives, and bringing people together for fun, studying the Bible, and food.Hannalee and Lee often have people in their home for dinner or building something in the backyard.Lee is tall and won’t miss an opportunity to get excited with you. He loves canoeing, camping, bonfires, and helping others discover how they are wired.Lee serves as pastor over small groups and new student engagement. Lee is married to his warrior princess wife, Hannalee. They really enjoy seeing families united and actively foster young kiddos and cheer on parents.

Antoine Diot

Antoine may be an old bald guy, but he and his wonderful wife, Aimée, love being with young people, especially college students and their four young children. He first came to understand the love and forgiveness of God, believed in Jesus, and started following Him in college, and is super excited about college students today experiencing the same. So he is pumped about serving as a pastor and excited that he gets to focus on supporting young leaders and seeing the teaching of God’s Word happen in the church. If you’re looking for an enthusiastic conversation about tech, tasty food, gardening, Naruto, or anything French, he is your guy.

Gustavo Vega-Rivera

Gustavo is a natural CONNECTOR. He loves bringing people together. Whether it's for a ridiculous movie, game, or opportunity to wear a costume, OR an opportunity to remind each other of God's heart to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus, Gustavo is all about it.Gustavo is excited about the opportunity to be an intern this summer because he is exploring his place in god’s heart. He deeply values god’s mission and seeks to be a part of it in any way he can.
Although he most often drinks water, he really loves a good fruit juice when he gets a chance.

Jeremy Williams

This is Jeremy!He was born in Clearwater, Florida, but sees the Tallahassee area as his home. Jeremy is excited to be an intern with SCL this summer because he wants to be BOLD in following the Spirit, and he truly feels God calling him to pursue this opportunity.He has been an integral part of the SCL community and leads out in BOLDLY sharing the gospel and caring for the deep needs of individuals.He plans to join the intern team to grow in leadership and grow in his relationship with God. He is excited to gain valuable insight from everyone else and understand what it takes to be an available leader in his community.
On a Saturday afternoon, you will either find him at work or at home with his feet up. :)

Joshua Van Zant

Josh is excited to be an intern because he realizes the necessity of Jesus Christ and the gospel. He has a DEEP DESIRE to let others experience the same love and steadfast hope that he has.
On a Saturday afternoon, you will find him working at Chick-fil-A preparing God's gift to the world.
If asked where he was born, he might respond with, "Gosh, I don’t know where I was born". He doesn't let his past define him.As an intern, he is hoping to learn how to work in a team towards a common goal and how to disciple others.

Kearra Smallwood

On a Saturday afternoon, you would usually find Kearra at home cleaning or at the farmers' market. She drinks coffee, tea, and water because they all serve different purposes.Kearra was born in Kentucky and is pursuing a graduate degree in Art Therapy at FSU.Kearra is excited about interning with SCL as she pursues Christ and God’s mission with others. She wants to learn what it looks like to partake in ministry full-time.

Nellymar Santiago

Nelly's daily routine consists of coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, and coffee in evening (a little bit of addiction). Let's just say, she likes coffee. She particularly enjoys it when she gets to love and care for people in the process. Nelly knows God's love for her and wants to show others how it's changed her life.During this internship, Nelly is hoping to learn more about God and His heart as well as strategies to share the gospel and reach others. She is also excited to learn more about herself and what God has in store for her life.